Bambu Kosher


Elevating Kosher Dining with Authentic Chinese Flavors!


Bambu Kosher

Bambu Kosher Restaurant, your premier destination for a delightful fusion of Chinese flavors and kosher dining. With locations in North Miami Beach and Boca Raton, we invite you to savor the perfect blend of tradition and taste. Explore our menu crafted with authentic Chinese cuisine and kosher ingredients, ensuring a unique and satisfying experience for all. Join us at Bambu, where every dish tells a story of quality and culinary excellence.

Free Delivery & Catering

FREE DELIVERY! Up to 5 miles, on orders above $30!

For all catering, pick up and delivery orders, call us now for catering inquiries.




Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 10pm

Friday: 11am - 3pm

Saturday: Closed

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